Inflation hits a 30 year high as Trudeau plans to bring in 400k immigrants per year, Edmonton’s police force owns a plane, and the Coastal Gaslink project is under attack. Also, Trudeau invokes the Emergencies Act to freeze protestors’ bank accounts.

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Coastal GasLink Destroyed Machinery
“If we’re not ready to significantly increase our ambition when it comes to immigration, we are going to be in a position where our economy will suffer, and it could put into jeopardy so many of the public services and social supports that make me very proud to be Canadian.” – Liberal Immigration Minister Sean Fraser, on justifying his government’s plan to bring in 1.3M immigrants over the next 3 years.

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Federal politicians say Quebec can amend the constitution, tools to identify old growth are ignored by the BC government, and Alberta’s municipal races heat up. Also, inflation is on the rise once again, while the media and government both ignore it.

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Old Growth Tourism
“The PM is fine [with] Que[bec] unilaterally amend[ing] the constitution to declare Quebec a nation and French its official language. So hypothetically speaking – AB and SK can do something like that too? Or would the answer be no….’asymmetrical federalism’ and all?” – Former Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall on the looming constitutional crisis.