The Supreme Court of Canada rules that life without parole is ‘cruel’, small possession of drugs is decriminalized in BC, and the Tim Hortons app invades Canadians’ privacy. Also, the Trudeau government has created 72 secret orders in council.

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“[Leading an open, transparent government] is the big promise that the prime minister made to Canadians in 2015. Seven years later, that promise has melted like snow in the sun. The prime minister leads the most closed, most opaque, the most censored government that we have ever seen. We have just learned of the existence of 72 secret orders-in-council. Why are the Liberals so afraid to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” – Conservative MP Luc Berthold, during question period.

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Hosts: Shane and Patrick

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Vancouver’s mayor advocates drug decriminalization, Alberta’s first black justice minister bans police carding, and BC orders mandatory masks for all public spaces. Also, we look into Trudeau’s Great Reset that the media has labelled a conspiracy.

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BC Ferries Mask

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