We compare the US and Canadian response to Chinese police stations, the public sector goes on strike, and Alberta’s addictions treatment plan gets misconstrued. Also, Trudeau’s former industry minister Navdeep Bains is hired by Rogers.

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“It certainly looks like the Liberals are in the pockets of telecom giants, getting gravy jobs as their executives, instead of defending Canadians who are already paying a fortune for cell and internet bills. It’s incredibly concerning when major telecom company Rogers hires not only a former Liberal cabinet minister but the architect of Canada’s current telecom policy which allows telecom providers to charge some of the highest cell phone costs in the world.” – NDP innovation critic Brian Masse on former industry minister Navdeep Bains joining Rogers.

Duration: 49:40
Hosts: Shane and Patrick

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Alberta brings recall legislation and citizen initiatives, BC’s vaccine schedule moves up with focus on essential workers, and Rogers attempts to buy Shaw for $26b. Also, the Two Michaels receive court dates while Canada gives money to pro-China groups.

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Hosts: Shane and Patrick

“It’s kind of shocking. They have freedom to express their opinion, whether they support the talking points of the Communist Party or not. The problem is they cannot do that with my tax money. Why should I support with my tax dollars their propaganda?” – Mehmet Tohti, executive director of the Uyghur Rights Advocacy Project

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