Canada’s passport redesign removes iconic historical images, the UCP makes a plan to reduce city crime, and BC’s old growth forests are still being logged. Also, the Alberta NDP spreads misinformation about healthcare.

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Old Growth Trees
“I would advocate that [Terry Fox] should be on more things. He’s one of Canada’s greatest heroes. He was a young person in the early 80s who inspired a nation and a world to do better. And because of him, there’s been a lot of suffering that’s been alleviated because of the money raised for cancer (research). To remove such an iconic Canadian in place of what I’ll call such generic Canadiana imagery makes absolutely no sense.” – Dave Teixeira, the organizer of the Terry Fox Hometown Run, on the federal government’s removal of Terry Fox from the new passport design.

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ICBC gives back a rebate average of $190 per driver, the media thinks Jason Kenney enables conspiracies, and saving for a house has never been more difficult. Also Canada’s vaccine rate is falling fast while Trudeau says to trust his plan.

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“1.8 million British Columbians have received this pandemic benefit. I appreciate that 300,000 people is a lot of people, but again, without a calculator, I think we can all appreciate that 1.8 million is a lot more.” – BC Premier John Horgan

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