Trudeau’s throne speech promises more of the same, BC brings in 5 days of sick leave for workers, and the Alberta NDP condemns BC’s Coastal Gaslink pipeline. Also, we discuss and condemn the infiltration of the QAnon cult into Canada.

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Mary Simon Throne Speech
“There is just an assemblage of 24 pages of completely empty words. Even read slowly, the throne speech is short so that prompts me to conclude, unfortunately, that I have absolutely no reason to vote in favour of the throne speech. I have no reason to vote against the throne speech.” – BQ leader Yves-François Blanchet on Trudeau’s Throne speech.

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Hosts: Shane and Patrick

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ICBC gives back a rebate average of $190 per driver, the media thinks Jason Kenney enables conspiracies, and saving for a house has never been more difficult. Also Canada’s vaccine rate is falling fast while Trudeau says to trust his plan.

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“1.8 million British Columbians have received this pandemic benefit. I appreciate that 300,000 people is a lot of people, but again, without a calculator, I think we can all appreciate that 1.8 million is a lot more.” – BC Premier John Horgan

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