Canada bans Huawei and ZTE from 5G networks, BC will spend $800m to replace the Royal BC Museum, and Jason Kenney will resign after a new UCP leader is chosen. Also, the media and Pierre Poilievre go to war.

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“There’s a small yet spirited minority of grassroot conservatives who’ve come to define their politics in solely oppositional terms. It derives from a position of perceived weakness in modern society. They see mainstream institutions (including corporations, universities, and the media) succumbing to an assertive form of progressivism and feel increasingly embattled in a culture that at times can be quite hostile to their ideas and values.” – The Hub, Editor-at-Large Sean Speer.

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Hosts: Shane and Patrick

Trudeau and the NDP collude to go on summer vacation from Parliament, it’s a great time to get the Alberta economy going again, and vandalizing cars in BC is against our Canadian principles. Also, the federal government should stop appeasing China.

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