Trudeau releases a plan to cut carbon emissions, the BC government gives back a gas rebate through ICBC, and four provinces are going ahead with nuclear SMRs. Also, the renovation cost on federal government residences continues to skyrocket.

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Harrington Lake Cottage
“This follows a long history of the NCC running up a huge tab on the taxpayers’ expense. It’s coming at the worst possible time as the government is already a trillion dollars in debt. Every single expense should be under the microscope.” – Federal director of the National Taxpayers’ Federation Franco Terrazzano on the mounting costs of the federal residence renovations.

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Hosts: Shane and Patrick

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The BC Coastal Gaslink pipeline undergoes more disruptions, the federal carbon tax will not save Albertans money, and Trudeau’s facial hair dominates the media. Also, we discuss the tragedy of UIA Flight 752, and the leadup to the deadly aviation disaster.

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Trudeau Beard

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