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“This follows a long history of the NCC running up a huge tab on the taxpayers’ expense. It’s coming at the worst possible time as the government is already a trillion dollars in debt. Every single expense should be under the microscope.” - Federal director of the National Taxpayers’ Federation Franco Terrazzano on the mounting costs of the federal residence renovations

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Skyrocket - (of a price, rate, or amount) increase very steeply or rapidly

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Episode Title: Renos and Reactors

Teaser: Trudeau releases a plan to cut carbon emissions, the BC government gives back a gas rebate through ICBC, and four provinces are going ahead with nuclear SMRs. Also, the renovation cost on federal government residences continues to skyrocket.

Recorded Date: April 1, 2022

Release Date: April 3, 2022

Duration: 54:44

Edit Notes: ICBC pause

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