The Liberals introduce a hate speech bill that won’t pass, take the House Speaker to court over incriminating documents, and use taxpayer money to fund their re-election. Also, the death of Canadian bilingualism foreshadows the next election.

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Duration: 50:55
Hosts: Shane and Patrick

Speaker Anthony Rota“The Speaker’s Office will defend the rights of the House. That is something I take very seriously. The legal system does not have any jurisdiction over the operations of the House. We are our own jurisdiction. That is something we will fight tooth and nail to protect and we will continue to do that.” – House Speaker Anthony Rota on being taken to court by the Government of Canada

  • Conrad says:

    The only bilingual province is NB?

    That is, in my humble opinion, an example of “Western” Context being a Canadian Conservative podcast for Canadians in Western Canada.

    Canada (meaning the province of Canada now Ont/Que) wants and needs Western Canadians to be unaware of history beyond Canadian propaganda, that includes the history of bilingualism in Confederation.

    Canada needs Western Canadians to be unaware of history otherwise we would know which province entered Confederation as an officially bilingual province and which one became bilingual to benefit from one of many Canadian policies meant to keep Western Canadians disenfranchised.

    Learning which province was Confederations only officially bilingual province for over 100yrs (SCC said so in the 1980’s) would have us learning that Western and Northern Canada was forced to join Confederation at the end of pointy guns and short ropes for long falls.

    And learn that our relationship with Canada has not improved much since.

    Thanx for the podcast, obviously I do not agree with your politics but if I did I doubt I would listen as much as I do. Thanks again.

  • Conrad says:

    Hey what happened to the formatting? No one can read one long sentence. Is that fixed after moderation or is that the idea? I guess I’ll find out, thanks again.

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