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“During phase one of the deer cull, snipers were taken around the island in a helicopter while firing on the deer below. The expert marksmen from the U.S. and New Zealand only managed to kill 84 deer, 18 of which were the wrong species of deer. Parks Canada shouldn’t be flying in foreign snipers to shoot deer from a helicopter. And if these ‘marksmen’ were really so elite, why did they keep shooting the wrong kind of deer?” - Carson Binda with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation on the Sidney Island deer eradication operation costing $12M

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Behemoth - something monstrously enormous and powerful

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Episode Title: The Monstrously Powerful

Teaser: Parks Canada is spending $12M to eradicate deer on a BC island, the Trudeau Liberals want to relax citizenship guidelines, and the BC United and BC Conservatives won’t be making a deal. Also, the CPP has wasted billions of dollars through poor investing.

Recorded Date: May 25, 2024

Release Date: May 26, 2024

Duration: 50:26

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