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“The floatel is a direct response to requests from the District of Squamish and the Squamish Nation and members of the community over a consultation process that went on for several years about housing our project workforce outside of the community. From the beginning [we have] been committed to minimizing impacts on the community of Squamish [including the top concerns [of] impacts on traffic, housing, impacts on community services.” - Woodfibre LNG President Christine Kennedy on addressing the concerns the project would have on Squamish

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Floatel - a ‘floating hotel’ that provides housing for workers usually on offshore oil rigs or other projects

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Episode Title: Staying Afloat

Teaser: Calgary repeals the single-use plastic ban, the Woodfibre LNG ‘floatel’ is rejected by Squamish council, and immigration is not filling the industries it needs to. Also, the CBC talks about polyamory while Canada’s fertility rate plummets.

Recorded Date: May 11, 2024

Release Date: May 12, 2024

Duration: 1:02:02

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