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“Who pays? Who pays for this latest $50b orgy of spending by this costly Prime Minister? .. YOU will pay. You, the welder or waitress who can’t pay your mortgage because he’s inflated mortgage rates. You will pay because he carbon taxed your food and now you can’t feed your kids.” - Pierre Poilievre on 9 years of continued deficits.

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Pander - to do or provide exactly what a person or group wants, especially when it is not acceptable, reasonable

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Episode Title: The Last Resort

Teaser: Trudeau’s 2024 budget features billions in new spending, Champagne tries to lure foreign grocers to Canada, and Alberta keeps its default electricity rate. Also, the federal government halts the deportation of a law-breaking climate activist.

Recorded Date: April 20, 2024

Release Date: April 21, 2024

Duration: 52:31

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