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“Not only has not a single firearm been confiscated, the program itself doesn’t even exist — not even for willing retailers anxious to off-load unsellable inventory. The whole premise of the 2020 gun ban was that these firearms, previously approved for sporting and hunting purposes by the RCMP lab, were simply too dangerous to own. Yet four years later, they are all exactly where they’ve been for decades, if not generations — in the gun safes of licensed, RCMP-vetted gun owners.” - Tracey Wilson, spokesperson for the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights on the Liberals’ stalled gun buyback

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Boondoggle - work or activity that is wasteful or pointless but gives the appearance of having value

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Episode Title: Buyback Boondoggle

Teaser: Canada refuses to sell LNG to another NATO ally, BC’s Haida Nation will have title over all of Haida Gwaii, and a third of gig workers would consider tax fraud. Also, $42m has been spent on Trudeau’s nonexistent gun buyback.

Recorded Date: March 30, 2024

Release Date: March 31 2024

Duration: 58:17

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