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 “there’s a genuine fear of an escalation, then an individual or group could come forward and seek a peace bond against them and to prevent them from doing certain things. [The pre-emptive house arrest] would help to deradicalize people who are learning things online and acting out in the real world violently – sometimes fatally.” - Liberal Justice Minister Arif Virani on his government’s plan to house arrest people before they commit crimes.

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Pharmacare - a uniquely Canadian word referring a proposal for a government funded insurance program for medications

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Episode Title: Phony Pharmacare

Teaser: The Liberals’ new online harms act includes heavy punishments, Alberta’s 2024 budget contains surprises, and the new pharmacare plan covers very little medications. Also, new documents reveal more on the Winnipeg lab scientist firings.

Recorded Date: March 2, 2024

Release Date: March 3, 2024

Duration: 1:03:32

Edit Notes: Start Winnipeg lab story

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