Alberta Story of the Year

Shane - Albertans will not tolerate it': Alberta reacts to new federal oil and gas emissions cap (348)

Patrick - Health minister given mandate to review, reform Alberta Health Services (329)

BC Story of the Year

Shane - Political shift underway in B.C., says confident Tory Leader John Rustad (348)

Patrick - What does BC United’s poor byelection showing mean for the party? (326)

Most Important Story

Shane - Canadian gov't launches public inquiry into foreign election interference, taps judge as commissioner (335)

Patrick - Canadians are right to worry about immigration levels (301)

Firing Line of the Year

Shane - Ottawa exempting home heating oil from carbon tax for 3 years, Trudeau says (342)

Patrick - 350 - Immigrants and Intervenors - Canadian Senator promised to support members in CCP's United Front

Local Story of the Year

Shane - Edmonton mayor pleads for 'immediate action' on bail reform after stabbing death at LRT station (328)

Patrick - B.C. Ferries running out of excuses (330)

Story We Didn’t Get to Cover

Shane - Twitter puts 'government-funded media' tag on CBC account (316)

Patrick - Trudeau told NATO that Canada will never meet spending goal, Discord leak shows (316)

Fake News Story of the Year

Shane - CBC News retracts report alleging email interference by Alberta premier’s office (327)

Patrick - Pierre Poilievre called out for Truth and Reconciliation Day photos with Inuk elder (339)

Worst Government Expense of the Year

Shane - Cabinet Billed Over $275,000 in Expenses for 2022 Inflation Summit (337)

Patrick - 313 – Cloud Cuckooland - In Budget 2023, Liberals eye inflation relief ‘without having to write a big cheque’

Funniest Story

Shane - Deputy Prime Minister fined $273 for speeding in rental car (334)

Patrick - 336 – Jiminy Crickets - Trudeau Liberals handing out millions to help put crickets on menu

Newsmaker of the Year

Shane - Steven Guilbeault

Patrick - Danielle Smith

Word of the Year

Shane - Airship (305) - aircraft that can navigate through the air using lighter than air gases.

Patrick - 341 – Mendacious Efforts - Mendacious - not telling the truth, lying.

Favourite Western Context Episode

Shane - For the People (333)

Patrick - 340 – The Ideal Canada

Favourite Western Context Show Title

Shane - A Miracle on the Prairies (322)

Patrick - 338 – The Ovation Oopsie

Quote of the Year

Shane - The More Things Change… (330): “A cabinet of 39 is not a serious decision-making body. As cabinet gets larger, moreover, the ministers get smaller. In a cabinet of 12, every minister is a player. As you pass 20, they start to blur together. By the time you near 40, they look like ants.” – Bloc Quebecois leader Yves-Francois Blanchet on the size of Trudeau’s new cabinet.

Patrick - 303 – Foodies, Fishing and Fearmongering - “I would say that catch and release works well when you’re fishing. It doesn’t work so well when you’re dealing with serious offenders.” – Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe on the differences between fish and criminals.

Picture of the Year

Shane - Donair (329)

Patrick - 309 – A Tale of Two Budgets

Show Data

Episode Title: 2023 in Context

Teaser: We look at 2023’s news stories, including an Alberta election, changing BC political landscapes, and multiple crises like healthcare, housing and affordability getting worse. We also go over our favourite pictures, quotes, words and episodes of the year.

Recorded Date: December 23, 2023

Release Date: December 31, 2023

Duration: 1:14:07

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