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“These measures are not something that we want to do. They are a plan to counteract the absurd, illogical, unscientific and unconstitutional interference in Alberta’s electrical grid by a federal government that simply doesn’t care what happens to our province. We refuse to meekly accept actions which are so plainly destructive to Alberta’s economy and to the very safety and security of Albertan citizens.” - Danielle Smith on Alberta’s first invocation of the Alberta Sovereignty Act.

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Forfeiture - the loss or giving up of something as a penalty for wrongdoing

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Episode Title: Slippery Slope

Teaser: BC’s Unexplained Wealth Order claims its first forfeiture candidate, the UCP invoke the Sovereignty Act on provincial power generation, and BC’s healthcare is likened to a 3rd world country. Also, Google makes a deal with Trudeau on C-18.

Recorded Date: December 2, 2023

Release Date: December 3, 2023

Duration: 56:38

Edit Notes: MAID quick pause, healthcare story end pause

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