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"Family doctors are not only health care providers. We're human beings, and so in order to provide the type of care that British Columbians need and deserve, we need the same human supports and working conditions that others do … This new payment model and the physician master agreement that were announced today are a first step towards creating those tools and supports." - Dr. Renee Fernandez, the executive director of B.C. Family Doctors on BC’s new family doctor payment plan

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Buy-in - agreement to support a decision or policy

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Episode Title: Notwithstanding Strikes

Teaser: Trudeau inserts himself into the Ontario strike, Alberta councillors debate municipal parties, and BC announces a new family doctor payment model. Also, Steven Guilbeault’s hostility towards energy could reduce investment.

Recorded Date: November 5, 2022

Release Date: November 6, 2022

Duration: 58:09

Edit Notes: Survey link and Bill 28

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