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“The whole purpose of this (Health Canada proposal) largely came from a concern about highly processed foods, and foods with a lot of ingredients. The idea of taking a single-ingredient food product and imposing these types of labels is not being done anywhere else in the world, and it is going to unfairly affect Canada’s farmers and ranchers.” - Dennis Laycraft, executive vice-president of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association or Health Canada’s proposal to label ground beef as being high in saturated fat.

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Saturated - fats containing a high proportion of fatty acid molecules without double bonds, considered to be less healthy in the diet than unsaturated fats.

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Episode Title: Saturated with Corruption

Teaser: Health Canada plans to label ground beef, the Alberta UCP leadership race begins, and no link is found between BC money laundering and political corruption. Also, we determine whether or not the Trudeau government lied about the Emergencies Act.

Recorded Date: June 18, 2022

Release Date: June 19, 2022

Duration: 53:38

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