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“[T]his should be done within a legal framework that recognizes privacy as a human right, and as an essential element for the exercise of other fundamental rights. [W]hile the government informed my office of its intention to use mobility data, it ultimately declined our offer to review how the data was de-identified and how privacy principles were implemented. The regulator should be able to insist on a proactive audit, where required, to ensure public trust.” - Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien on the federal government tracking Canadians through cell phone data

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Episode Title: Track and Release

Teaser: The Competition Bureau wants to block the Rogers-Shaw merger, the BC NDP creates a committee to study crime, and the Edmonton Blatchford community lags behind. Also, the PHAC has been tracking Canadians’ cell phones without consent.

Recorded Date: May 13, 2022

Release Date: May 15, 2022

Duration: 1:02:25

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