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Decolonization - the action or process of a state withdrawing from a former colony, leaving it independent. In Canada, it refers to the action of erasing the remnants of European colonial history.

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"Decolonization of the museum’s galleries is important and long overdue. This is necessary to begin the long-term work of creating new narratives that include under-represented voices and reflect the lived experiences and contemporary stories of the people in B.C." - Acting Royal BC Museum CEO Daniel Muzyka on the changes to the museum.

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Episode Title: Unsettling

Teaser: Alberta continues to implement democratic reform, The Royal BC Museum is decolonizing its exhibits, and the Canadian flag will emulate a yoyo over the next week. Also, we discuss the impacts of the COP26 summit, as Trudeau continues to hobble oil and gas.

Recorded Date: November 5, 2021

Release Date: November 7, 2021

Duration: 52:11

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