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Heat Dome - a mass of hot air rooted stubbornly in one spot, trapping those within it at ground level in a lengthy heat wave, caused by a sharp rise in ocean temperature, which then warms the air, and wind then pushes the air over land.

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“Agree with us… disagree with us. Vote for us or don’t vote for us. What happened to Minister Shandro and his family was disgusting and wrong.” - Minister of Jobs, Economy, and Innovation Doug Schweitzer on the verbal assault of Tyler Shandro and family.

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Episode Title: Heated Discourse

Teaser: Alberta’s Health Minister is persecuted by anti-lockdown protestors, Lytton BC burns to the ground a day after breaking Canada’s heat record, and dozens of churches and statues are burned down on Canada Day. Also, Chinese influence extends far in Canada.

Recorded Date: July 2, 2021

Release Date: July 4, 2021

Duration: 54:55

Edit Notes: Defector

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