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Assimilation - the absorption and integration of people, ideas, or culture into a wider society or culture.

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"The critical recommendation that's in play at Fairy Creek is consulting with the title holders. If we were to arbitrarily put deferrals in place there, that would be a return to the colonialism that we have so graphically been brought back to this week by the discovery in Kamloops." - BC Premier John Horgan on why he won’t immediately protect old growth forests from being logged.

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Episode Title: Uncovering Our Past

Teaser: The remains of 215 indigenous children are found near the Kamloops residential school, Jason Kenney warns of the danger of erasing our history, and John Horgan lays out a modern forestry plan. Also, Canada’s first dose successes can be misleading.

Recorded Date: June 4, 2021

Release Date: June 6, 2021

Duration: 58:56

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