The Year in Review

Best Covered Story by the MSM

Shane: Episode 62 Some low-income Alberta seniors face carbon tax rebate clawback

Patrick: Episode 57 Convicted attempted murderer invited to reception with Trudeau in India

Worst Covered Story by the MSM

Shane: Episode 98 First Nations coalition calls for rejection of Trudeau tanker ban, plans to file UN complaint

Patrick: Episode 53 #MeToo hits Canadian Politics, as Kent Hehr, Patrick Brown, and Jamie Baillie all resign and Episode 56 Key accusation against Patrick Brown false, CTV now admits and Episode 73 Don’t believe Canada’s media on Me Too stories (Justin Trudeau sexual assault allegations)

Most Important Story

Shane: Episode 89 Revamped NAFTA deal, renamed USMCA, will ‘rebalance’ North America trade after Canada reaches 11th hour agreement

Patrick: Episode 71 Federal government to buy Trans Mountain pipeline for $4.5b

Alberta Story of the Year

Shane: Episode 97 Protecting the value of our resources

Patrick: Episode 52 Canadian oil selling at a deep discount - and it hurts

BC Story of the Year

Shane:  Episode 81 City of Victoria to remove John A. Macdonald statue from front steps of city hall

Patrick: Episode 66 NDP stacking the deck in favour of proportional representation

Firing Line Story of the Year:

Shane: Episode 86 Failure to launch: Inside Julie Payette’s turbulent first year as Governor General 

Patrick: Episode 57 Convicted attempted murderer invited to reception with Trudeau in India

Local Story of the Year:

Shane: Episode 93 Edmonton Coun. Tim Cartmell calls for halt on west LRT amid funding concerns

Patrick: Episode 77 Saanich council approves $700,000 to police homeless camp

Story We Didn’t Get to Cover

Shane: Episode 92 Opposition parties 'like to shout' at 'respectful' Liberals, Trudeau tells students

Patrick: Episode 71 How a 9/11 Truther may be influencing which Ontario election videos you see

Fake News Story of the Year

Shane: Episode 52 Toronto police say hijab-cutting attack reported by girl didn’t happen

Patrick: Episode 75 Do ‘parody’ Twitter accounts pose real political threats?

Funniest Story

Shane: Episode 84 Trudeau mocked for saying "diversity leads to entropy"

Patrick: Episode 55 What's behind the Justin Trudeau 'peoplekind' controversy?

Our Most Absurd Story

Shane: Episode 75 There’s a ‘David Eby Appreciation Thread’ on Reddit, and it loves B.C.’s attorney general

Patrick: Episode 70 Canada's 'adventure gap': Why it doesn't makes sense for the great outdoors to be such a white space

Worst Government Expense of the Year

Shane: Episode 77 ‘Just outrageous’: Government spends $24k on 86 cushions for Mexico City embassy

Patrick: Episode 94 Sajjan, Deputy Minister dig a deeper hole for themselves on $337,000 “party flight”

Favourite Western Context Episode

Shane: Episode 72 Voting Produces Results - Doug Ford Majority, Soldiers ordered to return equipment due to shortfalls, BQ Leader Martine Ouellet resigns, BC cabinet confirms format of referendum

Patrick: Episode 89 A Cloud of Pixie Dust - USMCA, CAQ Majority, LNG proposals, Trudeau partisan Senate appts

Newsmaker of the Year

Shane: Trans Mountain Pipeline

Patrick: Chrystia Freeland

Word of the Year

Shane: Episode 89 Nationalism

Patrick: Episode 96 Doublespeak

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Show Data

Episode Title: 2018 in Review

Teaser: A special year end episode for all peoplekind where we cover all of the best, worst, and most interesting stories of the year, plus more! Featuring pipelines, trade agreements, elections, fake news, torn down statues, and Trudeau language difficulties.

Recorded Date: December 18, 2018

Release Date: December 30, 2018

Duration: 1:10:25

Edit Notes: Internet cut out at LNG

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